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Hear from Our Patients

Excellent care since my first visit in 2008.

Bridgitte M., 05/02/2019

Simply the best dental practice it's ever been my good fortune to find. Couldn't recommend Dr. Bekke and his staff higher. Just had two crowns done and, like every other visit, it went perfectly. Try this practice. It doesn't get any better.

Craig B., 04/27/2019

Dr. Beke and the entire staff were so accommodating and supportive, I just cannot say enough! Extremely nice crew- almost like family. Dr. Beke just needs to add his 2 youngest to his photo

Charmaine W., 04/06/2019

I'm what you might call extremely anxious about getting dental work done. The folks at Lifetime take excellent care to keep a person like me as comfortable as possible. Highly recommend.

Rayanna M., 03/28/2019

I was recently referred to Dr. Beke's office by a close friend of mine as I've tried several other dentists and have been unsatisfied with all of them. I've been into see Dr. Beke, his assistant and his hygienist over the past few months and I must say I will never go anywhere else! These are all stellar people who provide a most comfortable and friendly atmosphere and some of the best and most pain free treatments I've ever had! I highly recommend that you give them a'll become a life long patient like me!

Donna C., 03/16/2019

Not only do I love working here, I love being in the dental chair - they make it so cozy with a blanket and heated neck pillow, and my co workers are all awesome, I wouldn't lie!!

Mo K., 02/11/2019

I've been lucky enough to be cared for by this staff for decades. Each one of them is professional, super friendly and attentive. I'd recommend Lifetime to anyone. - John

John M., 02/09/2019

We've been patients for 20+ years and would highly recommend Dr. Beke and his staff for the thoroughness and expertise.

Jeff G., 01/25/2019

Best dental experience ever! I needed a new crown and Dr. Beke did an outstanding job! With other dentists, I often had pain after the procedure while the tooth "settled down" and needed follow up adjustments on my bite, but Dr. Beke got it right the first time. A BIG plus--Lifetime Smiles creates beautiful porcelain crowns there in office during your visit, so no need for a temporary crown or second appointment! Being able to take advantage of the sedation option made the treatment a breeze. Great staff all around--hygienist Diane, Amy and office manager Mo are fantastic!

Joanie T., 01/07/2019

This is the best dental office I’ve been to. Not only is everyone very friendly, they are respectful and never condescending. I have major anxiety about going to the dentist but this place is like a spa compared to regular dentist offices! Chelsey and Moe are the best!!

Krysten A., 01/06/2019

I'm a big chicken. These fine people make it so easy for me. I love their caring professionalism.

Teresa S., 12/30/2018

Dr. Beke is great. He listens to my concerns, takes into count my dentist "phobia" issues & together we determine a course of treatment for my dental needs. I started with Dr. Pat when she had just set up her practice! Throughout our "career" together we faced some significant dental challenges. While I was happy for Dr. Pat retiring I was more than a bit panicked. Dr. Beke just picked right up with my dental needs & the transfer has been smooth for me.

Diane M., 12/25/2018

Everyone in the office are GREAT! Caring and compassionate.

Jo C., 12/19/2018

The entire staff is so friendly and helpful every time I visit. They all remember me each time and are very flexible with fitting me in around my work schedule. They also took time to make sure that my teeth were perfect before proceeding with my night guard. Other dentists wanted to rush the process but they were amazing and genuinely cared about taking it slow. The whole team is awesome and I would recommend them to everyone!

Kelle T., 12/08/2018

Have had great dental care from Lifetime Smiles for over 25 years! The hygienist have all been great, front office staff terrific, and Dr. Beke (the newest addition of the bunch) seems to be continuing on the great quality of care that I expect from my dentist. Great place to get a great smile!

Gary P., 11/22/2018

Love this group! Made transition from Dr. Pat to Dr. Beke very smooth. Care and treatment remain top notch. Always patient-centric! Comfort and well-being their main focus.

Sue M., 11/09/2018

Awesome dentist and staff that provide fantastic dental services and they really care about their patients. Highly recommend them to anyone!

Jim S., 10/22/2018

Dr. Beke and his staff are great, from the office manager to the doctor to the hygienist. They really care.

Noa R., 10/06/2018

I have been going to "Dr. Pat's" for 20 years, and the staff has always been professional, extremely friendly, and honest. Though Dr. Pat has retired, Dr. Beke is a great addition to the team! Thanks for keeping my dental hygiene on track, team!

Ellen P., 09/30/2018

No pain with my dental filligs today, thanks guys!

Trisha D., 09/03/2018

Finally a dentist that cares about your well being. Dr. Beke and his staff are amazing. They make your visit one you want to come back to. Thanks everyone

Ken T., 06/16/2018

Excellent!!! The nicest people, very very professional, know so well how to make you feel relax, glad we chose Lifetime Smile. I guess will be here for lifetime.

Judith R., 05/12/2018

Always friendly and knowledgeable. Beautiful, modern office, well equipped and maintained. I have industry experience and I trust and appreciate the care received.

Sharon P., 05/01/2019

Wonderful place, friendly people and great care of me, Dr. Beke gave me solutions for my pain, love to have the best team working for all my family......

Gaby H., 04/15/2018

Best dentist and staff! My parents & I love them, so helpful and gentle! Go Hawks!

Corinne R., 03/24/2018

The entire staff is great! They are all cheerful, helpful, caring, and great at their various jobs! The doctor even called mepersonally later in the day after I had a couple fillings replaced just to make sure I was doing okay!

Kris J., 02/08/2018

As always, I had a very pleasant experience. I've been a patient of this practice for 20+ years, and even though there has been a change in management, the transition has been very smooth. I always feel listened to and valued, and my wishes respected.

Margene D., 01/28/2018

Lifetime Smiles is the best dentist office on the eastside! The entire staff is friendly and compassionate. The office is super clean and comfortable. Dr. Beke is very thoughtful in how he treats his patients. Plus they offer warm neck pillows and blankets!! If you need a new dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Beke. If you need extra TLC see Deanna, the best hygienist I've ever had.

Deana C., 12/22/2017

Going to the dentist isn't anyone favorite way to spend an hour, but when your dentist office treats you like you are at a teeth spa it become far more enjoyable! I starting going to Lifetime Smiles 2 years ago and my teeth could not be happier and healthier! From the moment you walk into the office, Mo and the office staff greet you with a kind smile and you know you are in good hands. Once in the dental chair you are given a warm blanket and heated neck pillow to ensure a comfortable experience. Dr. Beke walks you through any treatments you need and is even understanding when you don't floss! I have recommended Lifetime Smiles to several people and will continue to do so! The only thing that would make the experience better, is being able to get my nails done while my teeth are being cleaned! Thank you everyone at Lifetime Smiles!! - Erin Haldi

Erin H., 11/11/2017

Amazing team and Dr Beke carries on the tradition of exceptional care at this clinic.

Julia C., 10/17/2017

Completely painless experience. No kidding! Comfortable enough for me to take a nice little nap while Dr Beke and Rachel did a crown. Just the way I like it. Everyone on the team is so caring and absolutely wonderful. Can't say enough good things about every single person on Dr Beke's team. They are the absolute best!!

E B., 07/07/2017

The team here is excellent - always makes you feel welcome and that they are genuinely interested in not only making your visit go as smoothly as possible, but getting to know you as a person. Of course they also do excellent dental work.

Curtis E., 06/10/2017

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